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It is done by Sam Wake

There we go, the origins of Lorem ipsum trace back to ancient latin text from Cicero and have been already used for hundreds of years by book makers. To read “De Finibus et Malorum” by Cicero, and the translation in English (The Extremes of Good and Evil). Many veteran designers remember Lorem Ipsum text being […]

What is the Nullarbor?

Have you ever driven across the Nullarbor? No? What is the Nullarbor? Ok, in Latin Nullarbor means no trees, and in Oz along the south coast is a stretch of land void of trees. Dead straight roads the mirage in the heat off into nothing, seeming to disappear into the sky. When driving across it […]

Still life in modern contexts

The still life is a structure of Westernised art that has existed through millennia, from ancient times through to the modern day. It existed as a structure in ancient Greece and Rome with Xenia painting, throughout Renaissance periods, and forming its own genres in the 17th Century with Dutchtechnical still lifes, Vanitas and Memento Mori. […]

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